All ATG rollers are designed to operate in the most challenging of environments, in most cases running for 24 hours a day, where efficiency and long service life are critical.

Our range of standard rollers feature the following benefits:

Heavy Duty
Tough Construction
Precision engineered
Hermetically Sealed
Maintenance Free
High Concentricity
Low Noise
Excellent Efficiency
Low Starting and Frictional Resistance
Normal Working Temperature Range of -20C to +100C

In order to ensure long life and exceptional functionality all ATG rollers are produced using the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes. High grade steels are utilised for the roller bodies with all bearing and seal housings filled with a performance lithium grease to lubricate and safeguard against detrimental materials. The hard-wearing seals minimise rotational resistance on the shaft.

With continued quality inspections carried out throughout production all roller bearings have a minimum 40,000 working hour warranty. Bespoke options are also available upon request with a variety of different diameters and tube thicknesses.

There are a number of other specific factors to consider when choosing rollers for your bulk handling conveyor system, including:

The diameter of the roller will affect the speed of the conveyor belt and the amount of torque required to drive the belt.

The length of the roller will affect the spacing of the rollers and the support that they provide to the conveyor belt.

Bearings The type of bearing used in the roller will affect the smoothness of operation and the lifespan of the roller.

The material of the roller will affect the durability and cost of the roller.

The technical team at ATG Conveyor Components will advise on the most suitable rollers for your project. If you want to get in touch, please leave your details on our contact form.

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