ATG Conveyor Components supplies a range of power transmission parts for your conveyor system. These products include motors, gearboxes, pulleys and belts. The specific components of your power transmission system will vary depending on the type of conveyor system and the material being conveyed.

We supply the following:

The motor is the source of power for the conveyor system. It is typically an electric motor, but other types of motors, such as hydraulic motors or pneumatic motors, can also be sourced.

The gearbox is used to reduce the speed of the motor and increase the torque. This is important because conveyor belts require a lot of torque to move the material being conveyed.

Used to transmit power from the gearbox to the conveyor belt.

Belts of various sizes are used to connect the pulleys and transmit power from the gearbox to the conveyor belt.

In addition to these basic components, the power transmission system may also include other components, such as:

Used to connect the motor to the gearbox and the gearbox to the pulleys.

Guards of various specifications are used to protect the power transmission system from dirt, dust, and other contaminants.

Utilised to monitor the operation of the power transmission system and to detect any problems or operational issues.

The technical team at ATG Conveyor Components will advise on the most suitable parts for your project. If you want to get in touch, please leave your details on our contact form.

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